Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I’m a Graphic Designer with 13 years of design and illustration experience. I am a strong advocate for protecting brand integrity and utilizing creative problem solving to maximize return-on-investment. IGN listed Star Wars: Outer Rim, on which I was lead designer, among the top ten board games of 2019.

Graphic Novel Creator | Self-Employed
St Paul, MN  | Oct 2018 – PRESENT
Co-writing, art, marketing, and business management for creator-owned graphic novel for self-publishing.
World-building, character design, art direction.
Layout, pencils, inks, and colors to create finished sequential art.
Managing social media marketing to grow followers for product loyalty.

Graphic Designer | Fantasy Flight Games
Roseville, MN Mar 2015 – Oct 2018
Graphic design and layout for tabletop games, boards, cards, tokens, accessories.
Multi-page layout and design for game manuals.
Maintain brand and intellectual property style across components.
Add to and create fill-in illustrations.
Projects include: “Star Wars: X-Wing,” “Android: Mainframe,” “Android: Netrunner,” “Realms of Terrinoth,” “Legacy of Dragonholt,” “Dark Heresy,” “Descent,” “The Investigators of Arkham Horror,” “The World of Android,” and “Storyline: Fairy Tales.”

Graphic Designer | Satco Supply / Republic Drill
New Brighton, MN | May 2008 – Mar 2015
Layout, design, and content management of 300+ pg biennial catalog.
Rebrand, maintain brand integrity of corporate subsidiaries:
Satco Supply and Tools 4 Schools: Website maintenance, redesign.
Design, layout and prepress for mailers and advertisements.
Spot and cover illustrations.

Contract Graphic Design & Illustration | Fantasy Flight Games
Roseville, MN | Feb 2014 – Aug 2014
Multi-page layout, editing and adding to illustrations.
Projects: “Star Wars: Far Horizons, a Sourcebook for Colonists,” “Star Wars: Lords of Nal Hutta,” and “Star Wars: Fly Casual, a Sourcebook for Smugglers” RPG strategy guides.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Minneapolis, MN | Sep 2003 – May 2007
Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts
Graphic Design; Comic Illustration

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