Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I’m a Graphic Designer with 13 years of design and illustration experience. I am a strong advocate for protecting brand integrity and utilizing creative problem solving to maximize return-on-investment. IGN listed Star Wars: Outer Rim, on which I was lead designer, among the top ten board games of 2019.


Marketing Graphic Designer | Concrete Software
Edina, MN  | Oct 2020 – PRESENT
Create social media ads and assets for promotional events and bundles, including original illustrations.
Design limited edition bowling balls for PBA Bowling Challenge event bundles.
Create User Acquisition promotional graphics (POS) graphics for Apple App Store.
Maintain branding specifications throughout all ads and designs.

Graphic Novel Creator | Self-Employed
St Paul, MN  | Oct 2018 – PRESENT
Co-writing, art, marketing, and business management for creator-owned graphic novel for self-publishing.
World-building, character design, art direction.
Layout, pencils, inks, and colors to create finished sequential art.
Managing social media marketing to grow followers for product loyalty.

Graphic Designer | Fantasy Flight Games
Roseville, MN Mar 2015 – Oct 2018
Graphic design and layout for tabletop games, boards, cards, tokens, accessories.
Multi-page layout and design for game manuals.
Maintain brand and intellectual property style across components.
Add to and create fill-in illustrations.
Projects include: “Star Wars: X-Wing,” “Android: Mainframe,” “Android: Netrunner,” “Realms of Terrinoth,” “Legacy of Dragonholt,” “Dark Heresy,” “Descent,” “The Investigators of Arkham Horror,” “The World of Android,” and “Storyline: Fairy Tales.”

Graphic Designer | Satco Supply / Republic Drill
New Brighton, MN | May 2008 – Mar 2015
Layout, design, and content management of 300+ pg biennial catalog.
Rebrand, maintain brand integrity of corporate subsidiaries:
Satco Supply and Tools 4 Schools: Website maintenance, redesign.
Design, layout and prepress for mailers and advertisements.
Spot and cover illustrations.

Contract Graphic Design & Illustration | Fantasy Flight Games
Roseville, MN | Feb 2014 – Aug 2014
Multi-page layout, editing and adding to illustrations.
Projects: “Star Wars: Far Horizons, a Sourcebook for Colonists,” “Star Wars: Lords of Nal Hutta,” and “Star Wars: Fly Casual, a Sourcebook for Smugglers” RPG strategy guides.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Minneapolis, MN | Sep 2003 – May 2007
Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts
Graphic Design; Comic Illustration

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