The Xaefarian Tales: Concept Art

We Continue to Survive…
Ancient stories tell of the lush beauty of Xaefaria long past; blissful oceans and dense forests, with an abundance of water and food. The invaders took that from us. They came to plunder our resources after killing their own world, and the whole of Xaefaria mounted a counter strike. Much is lost in the sands of time. We do know the resulting war led to the desertification and near destruction of all Xaefaria. Our technology, our society, our very culture, gone. But we, we continue to survive.

Each dying society has its festering wounds; each revolution, its reluctant heroes. Listen closely while I share with you: The Xaefarian Tales.

Concept art for my Personal IP, The Xaefarian Tales. Digital illustrations.












Copyright © Duane Nichols